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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 22, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: all right. how are you? we did it. rosanna: well, they did it. the mets won. hi. i am rosanna scotto. greg: incredible. you are looking at citi field. let's go to that footage of the also, also that jury. four-zero new york. >> the mets are on their way back. rosanna: they made it look so easy. my husband came into the bedroom at 10:00 o'clock and said they are winning seven-zero. maybe it was 9:00 o'clock when they said that. i don't know. i was delirious. it was time to go to bed.
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we are embracing this. greg: four games in a row. that guy, murphy, he ought to be mayor. rosanna: we need to meet him. let's talk about other news. a career criminal with at least 23 arrests has been in charged with the death of officer holder. greg: he was in some sort of deferred row graham. a judge decided he was eligible for jail. this happened over the summer. the mother of the fig, she is very upset about the revisions to stop and frisk. more of that in a moment. juliet: joe biden announce he is not running for president in 2016. he did weigh in on some of the issues.
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he said he is not going to be silent. greg: we are moving on. it was fun while it lasted. how about those mets. poor chicago. rosanna: i like that. greg: this is beautiful. rosanna: it comes back to new i think friday night is the first home game. it is all televised on fox. greg: they open their arms a friends. talking about the mets fans not being so welcoming to the yankees fans. the yankees fans are saying, come on, guys. you want us to roof or the opposite team? 's don't you want us rooting for
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anyway. greg: they used to celebrate -- they do not do that anymore. rosanna: i am out of here. greg: they do not do this anymore. you used to be able to go onto the field. rosanna: i did not realize he could run that fast. greg: like a football player. the mets. it is really sleep. rosanna: hopefully the weather will be just as nice as it is today. mike: it was. i went up to central park. the fall for which.
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some of the graphics. enjoying the beautiful day that we had yesterday. congratulations to the mets. now we have to get it going for the series. that is from my stroll in the park. come on. do you ever see that dog on your walk? anyhow, i told you. anyhow, here are the temperatures today. 76 degrees. that is your high temperature. we will start out with more son. the normal high today is 62 degrees. we are not anywhere close to the records. still warmer than normal. fifty-two in newark. same thing for you and belmar.
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not that at all. let's take a look at the wind. three-7 miles per hour. another warm day out there. more sunshine for the morning. a cold front to the west of us. just a few showers breaking out in upstate new york. most of it should hold off until later on this afternoon. there is not a lot of moisture without front as it passes by. we do not expect much in terms of rainfall. temperature wise, 71 by midday. a high of 76 degrees. a high of 59 only. a big drop in temperatures. it will be breezy and cool. you will feel the difference there. enjoy your warm weather. let's bring in ines rosales. let's see what is going on with
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ines: we have some problems this morning. accident blocking two lanes. we have some slowdowns there. staten island, there is the expressway. normal delays as we head towards the verrazano bridge. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute. traffic westbound moving better than before. fdr drive, let's see that camera shop. no problems north bound or southbound. there is the bqe. trains, everything running on or close to schedule. greg: just two months ago, it look like boil boy it was going to be a terrible season. season. rosanna: they made it look easy
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greg: grief counselors are on hand. [laughter] how about that murphy guy. a postseason home run. rosanna: they celebrated big time. duke was at the game. he joined us outside of wrigley field. greg: in chicago. duke: good morning. i am outside the famous wrigley field right now. mets fans, there were many of them. they were excited. the team was excited. let's show you what happened last night in game four. top of the first inning. struggling all postseason long. gone.
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you should have heard this crowd. so loud and then it got quiet. daniel murphy just continues his legendary art over. a major-league record with a home run. seven home runs in all. the mets went eight-three. they sweep the chicago cubs. their first world series since 2000. >> i'm excited to have my son and wife out here with us. we love each other. >> a lot of people. >> i am i'm glad we were able to back that up.
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cannot be more proud. >> what a scene that it was on the field after the game. whether going to meet the national media or talking to local media in the locker room and the champagne and all of these festivities that went on, they came onto the field and celebrated with their family, friends and fans. so many fans from the new york area that stayed in a really cheered on mets players. the trip was well worth it for the fans. this was an expensive ticket. that is the story from outside wrigley field. the new york mets headed to the world series.
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to different atmosphere. rosanna was watching and one group. her husband and another. rosanna: i have to get ready to go to sleep did. greg: good for you. what else, was a enough? rosanna: so funny. i got a tweet from the father. his son was shopping at ed knight. he sent me a picture of the kid. he was in that skier. rosanna: that is a true fan. greg: was go to carry through. >> reporter: good morning. they will be back here at citi field at 130 this afternoon.
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mets fan. the mets could win the world series title for the first time in almost 30 years. >> we have not been to the world series -- the mets are on their way back. >> reporter: a huge celebration for the mets on wrigley field. the crowd was electric. cheering on. an incredible moment for fans now hoping for the mets first world series since 1986. >> it has been a long time. i cannot wait to watch the mets win the first world series since 1986. it is our time. >> reporter: merchandise went on sale.
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special gear tapping off and on believable year. >> let's go mets. [cheering] >> reporter: let's go mets. either kansas city or toronto depending on what happens with that alcs. the first game will take place next friday night, october 30. greg: a very cool thing for us, it is on channel five. rosanna: the mets will play the kansas city royals or the toronto blue jays. greg: we may be able to get tickets. rosanna: pregame coverage starts right here at 730. there is, greg, rumor, rumor, rumor of us that you and i may be doing something from the game next friday night. do not tell anybody. greg: we have some other fat
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hundred sad is that we are kind of coping with it the police officer in east harlem. he was about to buy a house on long island. get married. randolph holder. rosanna: meanwhile, the man who allegedly pulled the trigger, tyrone howard, was arraigned last night in the murder of officer holder. why was howard out? why was he not behind bars. greg: some judges went out of their way to keep him out of prison. rosanna: they send them to a drug diversion program. a rehab. greg: let's get to lives. >> reporter: good morning. just in front of the station house where officer holder would come to work every day.
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they came here to say their prayers, leave candles and flowers. we are learning more about the murder. the nypd tells us he had a rap he never should have been out on the streets. they made their presence known at the arraignment last night. nypd officers filled the courtroom during the arraignment. the cop killer collapsed to his knees during the proceeding and did not enter a please. the officers holder was therefore the court appearance along with family members. questioning why a career criminal was still on the street. >> on tuesday night, howard allegedly stole a bike to get
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away from a wild shootout. he fired one shot into it officer holder in the head. it made its way to the funeral home in long island. the american flag flew half staff the top of the brooklyn bridge in his honor. >> very ambitious. a very bright future. went to college. wanted to be a cop. so many things in his life or cut short. >> reporter: reams of becoming a detective. just about to close on a home with his girlfriend. >> i think mayor dubois zero should rethink stop and frisk. i think it will be a deterrent.
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planning to say good by. 926 at the church in far rockaway queens. wednesday. back out here live, others with stopping and saying their prayers here at the memorial. officer holders body will be flown to his native for burial sometime next week. greg: thank you very much. thirty-three years old. said to buy a house. they were going to close next week. rosanna: a good father, i here as well. greg: a teenage daughter. rosanna: he comes from a family of police officers. his father and i believe his grandfather. that is where his body will be flown back after funeral services here.
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mayor giuliani. we have a major fire to talk about. passaic, new jersey. under control now, but it was a pick one. rosanna: the sixth floor. quickly spread to the roof. there was a ceiling collapsed injuring one of the firefighters. in other one suffered burns to his neck. 400 people were displaced by the fire. no word yet on if someone caused this. greg: the mets are victorious. by the way, you look like a little mets guy front office executive. that is how they dress. mike: all right. another future full-day coming at us here. let show you what is going on in central park. fifty-two in newark.
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it is now 55 in bridgeport. 60 degrees in montauk. if temperatures are all my beard showers not a real problem. showing a few showers out to our northwest. you have some showers there. day. the cold front to the west of us. we have some moisture. that is why we're seeing some showers there. there will not be a lot of it. a quick passing shower. air. partly sunny skies today. high of 76. clearing skies after that.
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fifty-eight saturday. another shower coming on sunday. first birthday shout out to monroe. happy birthday to you. as well as stacey delikat, that is her grandfather. turning 82 years old, i believe. >> 93. mike: 93. happy birthday to you. let's bring in ines rosales. let's see what we have with the commute this morning. ines: problems. cross bronx. crossing the driscoll bridge. no issues on the turnpike. let's go to our cameras. the l.a. heat, thermal delays.
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hov lanes are doing fine. george washington, trying to get into the city. forty-five with the lincoln tunnel. holland, 10-15. greg: a lovely day. he watches the game in one room, you watch it in another. rosanna: i cannot go to sleep with people screaming. you need to calm down before you go to selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to
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p5 20 biden. think about how you -- rosanna: i was about to say how many car accidents. always getting in some kind of accident. rosanna: oliver and the brady bunch. let's take a look at joe biden. he announced to the world what a lot of political insiders thought that they knew. >> and a lot of people thought that hillary supporters were very concerned. >> she did very well. joe biden has been in politics
7:24 am
for a very long time. rosanna: hillary clinton is going to be on the hot seat. greg: let's go to stacey delikat. >> reporter: that is right. his hearing has been much-anticipated beard going into the high seat hearing after hearing what could have been a major hurdle. that hurdle is joe biden not jumping into the presidential race. expected to last all day. clinton will face tough questions from republican about the attack. she is also expected to be questioned about e-mails on her private server. e-mail sent out with what happened in those attacks. republicans can also be on the defensive.
7:25 am
hurt but didn't presidential debate. >> deteriorating security situation. americans on the ground in libya. why was it not a apparent at the state department. the met very disciplined. the gop members going too far. i think it really backfired. clinton has been out of the public eye for days now. no campaign appearances. she did take a moment yesterday to send out a tweet after joe biden announced he will not be running for vice president. inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent.
7:26 am
i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully. to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party. >> he made a difficult decision based on the needs of his family and his future. i respect the decision that he made. >> reporter: there is that tweet again from hillary clinton. as for joe biden, he said that greece from his son post death weight have a late. she had to say something. she is clearly happy about this. greg: yes, indeed. rosanna: coming up. rudy giuliani will be with us this morning. greg: he ran for president did he knows what that is like. rosanna: he ran the city. he will talk about the fourth killing of an nypd officer in less than a year.
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>> it is -- to can you believe this weather, how gorgeous it is? it was is so delightful yesterday.
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>> it was so harsh and miserable on monday, was it? >> i know. >> jim, what are you looking at here? ah, the sea. a couple of things, number one, the mets are going to the world series. it looks like me might be, possibly, theoretically able to my be nagel some tickets. >> we may be working the first game. keep your finger crossed because all the is are not dotted and the ts crossed. >> it's one of those wayne's world, we're not worthy? it's going to be great. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. mike woods is here. weather is gorgeous, and it's looking that way. >> yeah. looks pretty good for us -- well, today's really the last one. >> oh. >> we had a couple nice ones in a row. we see some fall color coming into scope here. let's see you what's happening temp wise today, our temps are more reflective in the morning of what we see for an average high temperature. beautiful shots from central
7:30 am
park there in the background, looking good. one more warm day. 70s. we're talking about mid 70s here. cold front will be passing through later on tonight. that may kick up a quick shower into tonight, but it doesn't look like much rain would come at us here. cooler weather's going to return tomorrow, and that means our high temp's going back to a little bit below normal, as a matter of fact. here's what we have right now. 59 at central park, 52 in newark, same thing in belmar and 55 in bridgeport. so it's not bad at all temp wise, and it looks like our winds are light coming in from the southwest at around 3-6 miles per hour, if you have them at all. a lot of locations are are reporting winds calm at this hour. mainly sunny skies, but more clouds are pushing in, and they'll continue to do so as we get further into the day. a cold front will approach us and bring us some showers, but not much. only a little bit of it holds together.
7:31 am
there's going to be so little moisture and so little going on with the showers that we're probably not going to squeeze out much. if anything, a quick little hit of rainfall this evening, and by tomorrow we've got sunny skies back again. it'll be breezy and cooler with that cool air from canada region. there'll be another round of showers as we head into sunday, but our rain chances are weak over the next week or so o -- so. high temp up to 70, much schooler tomorrow, high of 59 and breezy too. let's bring in ines and see what we have as we hit the roads and the rails. good morning. >> good morning, mike. problems this morning in new jersey and the bronx. southbound from 233 down towards the cross bronx, slow because of an accident blocking a lane, and in new jersey, route 80 jammed, exit 15 because of an accident
7:32 am
you have about a 2-3 mile delay there. this is the expressway by clove road heading towards the verrazano, normal delays eastbound side, westbound side, you're fine. as far as the george washington bridge, 45 minutes on the upper, 30 on the lower. lincoln tunnel, bright and sunny out there, an hour delay. holland tunnel, 15-20. >> a new york city police officer was shot and killed on tuesday night, 33 years old. the fourth police officer shot and killed in this city since december of last year, about ten months. now, with every the suspect in custody, tyrone howard, and lots of interesting things about this case. he should have been in jail, and at least two judges gave him a pass, essentially, put him into some sort of drug rehab program instead of prison which he was eligible for. now, the mother of the slain officer, she has a special message for mayor de blasio. again, this is the mother of the
7:33 am
tuesday night, princess holder. >> i think mayor de blasio should reconsider the stop and frisk, because i think, i think it's going to be a detenter to these thugs -- deterrent to these thugs who go around taking innocent people's lives. >> lots of people listening to what princess had to say, former mayor giuliani, nice to have you back on good day new york. what tiewpg about what princess holder said? >> her understanding of criminology and constitutional work is considerably better than the mayor's. the reality is stop and prix is completely constitutional. the court of appeals of the second circuit has indicated great displeasure with the young's decision on this case, from the case. that was myself and former attorney general mukasey filed a friend of the court brief in favor of that case supporting the bloomberg administration.
7:34 am
and when de blasio came into office, he withdrew the appeal, an appeal where almost any lawyer would have told him the second circuit was signaling him we're ready to reverse the case. what does stop and frisk do? look, i started it with bill bratton. [laughter] so i take full responsibility for it. it takes guns out of the hands of bad guys. gun control does not do it. chicago has two to three times more murders than new york, we have the same gun control laws, but in new york we've been much more aggressive in stopping, questioning and frisking peoplement and in the act of doing that, you take the gun. when you do that often enough, people don't take the gun out anymore. >> police officers have died in the line of duty since there have been police officers. it happened under your watch. >> always a tragedy. >> we've had four in ten months, and i'm just guessing, your comments. are you blaming mayor de blasio -- >> no. >> so how would you characterize it?
7:35 am
individual shooting of a police officer. happens. you could blame the court system, if you want. i mean, two judges didn't put this guy in jail are out of their minds. if i were the mayor, they'd never get reappointed to anything. didn't realize the criminal history. [laughter] it sounds hard to believe. >> well, then there's something seriously wrong if he didn't -- i mean, in a day and age of exierts, if you don't have the full be criminal history, also he had a third of this guy's criminal history, he should have life. whatever happened to three strikes and you're out? why do we have these movements in this country in which police officers are are made to look like, you know, they're bad guys? i mean, the reality is the majority of police officers are good guys. and let's get the ferguson myth out of the way. police officer there was cleared. the police officer there was
7:36 am
the police officer there acted completely justifiably, and the guy never put his hands up. and people still going around talking about ferguson. so if we don't want to see more police officers dead, we've got officers. >> but there is a push right now, especially in -- >> darn right, there is. >> -- the city to go into the prisons and release some people who they feel may have been put there just for, you know, drug -- having possession of drugs or whatever. there is that push right now to clean out the prisons. >> yeah. that's not a particularly intelligent idea. there should be enough people in so the city's finish in prison so the city's safe. this guy belonged in prison. this is a career criminal, he belongs in prison for the rest of his life. should have been in prison for the rest of his life -- >> so he didn't deserve rehab. >> 38 arrests, i don't know how many convictions. i mean, after a while you realize that this is a crime
7:37 am
machine. i remember professor james q. wilson when he cochaired the task force on violent crime, you can get enough of those career criminals in jail, you can really bring down the murder rates. this guy fits wilson's description to a tee. he never should have been on the streets. the judge who doesn't know should go do something else for a profession. if you don't know the criminal record in this day and age when you're making an important decision about do you put him in rehab, a violent man where he can get out on the street, if things broke down that badly, go find something else to do for a living. >> remember last december when mayor de blasio showed up at the hospital and all the cops turned their back on him? do you sense that has been mitigated somehow? >> i think the mayor has changed his rhetoric towards the police, and i credit him for that. maybe he came in -- we talked about that earlier with somewhat of a mess perception of the police department. -- misperception of the police department.
7:38 am
it's a nonmajority police department, almost equal numbers of whites, hispanics, black, asians. you look at the police officers that have been killed tragically span the spectrum. but what i do hold the mayor accountable for is the cutback on stop on frisk. -- stop and prix. he pulled the case that would have declared unconstitutional or incorrect the previous decision, and we should be utilizing stop and frisk. that is the difference between the number of shootings and killings here and the number in chicago. >> what are really the chances of the mayor reversing his decision? let's face it, that's what he ran on. the police commissioner has supported that view that stop and frisk -- >> i don't know, i think one of the things that you do when you're in an office like mayor, governor or president is you react to experience. and you realize some of the things you thought when you came into office are incorrect, and
7:39 am
and that has to be changed. if it isn't changed not only are we going to see more shootings and murders of police officers, we're going to see more shootings and more murders like what was going on -- these people were trying to kill, these are gangs that are trying to kill each other. you're going to see a lot more of that than anything involving the police, because that's where the problem resides. the problem resides in a situation in which there's too much crime that is allowed to go on in certain parts of the city. and somebody's got to take responsibility for that and change that. and it can't just be the police. >> running a campaign is a lot different from running a city. >> darn right. and you can't learn when you get into office, then you're in big trouble. >> the mets are going to the world series. [laughter] we know you're a tried and true yankee fan -- >> i've always said i love the january tees, yankees -- yankees
7:40 am
world series, i'm a new york fan, i root for them -- >> did you go to shay? >> citi field. >> oh, i've gone. i've been there for playoff games when the mets were in the playoffs. i've been to world series games when the mets were in the world series. >> you're like rosanna, you go when they win. [laughter] >> well, he is really a sports fan. >> i am a new york fan. so i'm a giant and grab key fan -- yankee fan primarily -- >> so it's okay to root for the home team. >> of course. i'd rather see new york win than toronto -- >> john mccain there looks like -- oh, when the diamondbacks were in the series. remember that one? >> oh, i remember that one. i lost a bet to john. >> former mayor rudy can giuliani, good to see you. thank you so much.
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>> welcome back, everyone. let's get you out the door and show you what the temps are doing. belmar, 50, 54 in islip and 52 in poughkeepsie. partly cloudy sky in the area, but even some showers off to our
7:43 am
northwest want to creep in, and they'll be coming through just a little bit but not until later on this evening. temp wise, just like yesterday, 76 is your high this afternoon. we drop to a low tonight of 52, and there are some showers coming through in the evening, very light, very quick stuff. 59 for you tomorrow, so a big drop in temps, breezy too and cooler, another shot at showers coming to you on sunday. fox 5ny weather ap, visit the itunes store and google play store, check it out for free. and also some birthday shoutouts too, quite a few. this is evelina, turning one year old, cute as a button. also lee ya, turning 11, and that's gina right there. happy birthday to you, gina, she's the one in the pink. hope you have a fantastic birthday. >> cute. >> let's bring in ines rosales, show you what's up with the commute. >> well, mike, problems, yeah,
7:44 am
putnam county, 84, 684, a little sluggish as you're traveling eastbound heading towards the southbound side, no major issues. as far as your commute in new jersey, if you're traveling 78, 287 in the bedford area, pretty much green. slight delay route 78 as you approach 287, but not a big deal. the long island expressway by the cross island parkway, westbound little sluggish, eastbound side, you're fine p. as part train -- for the trains, on or close to schedule. effect. >> all right. we're celebrating the mets' victory with one of the most [laughter] -- fans. we wanted to see, the mayoral election two years away. time goes fast, doesn't snit. >> yeah. >> who do you like for mayor? >> oh, i have a group of people in mind, but i can't mention
7:45 am
>> we run some names by you? >> sure, if you want. >> prit, he has your old job -- >> how would i not think that's a good idea? i see him as a candidate for mayor, he has my old job,. >> interesting. thank you so much. >> time to go to the windy city. duke is there. hi, duke. >> good morning. what an exciting time last night here at wrigley field. i'm just outside of wrigley field right now as you can see. the mets, they did it again. you know, they've made it look so easy in this postseason. last night they completed the sweep, they win the national league championship series. let's show you how it all happened, pick out up in the first first inning. this place was rocking until this. big three-run home run with two occupants, and the mets on top, 3-zip. and then travis d'arnaud follows
7:46 am
make it 4-zip right away, and later, second time up, he'd add a double to make it 6-0. now it's 6-1 in the eighth inning, and the storybook october continues for daniel murphy. another home run. can you belief this? his sixth straight playoff game with a home run setting a major league record, his seventh of the postseason, it's 8-1, mets. the cubs would get two more runs, but in the ninth, called strike three, let the is celebration begin. mets win it 8-3. they're going to the fall classic for the first time since 2000. daniel murphy, your national league championship series most valuable player. what's this feel like? how big does the ball feel to you right now? >> i'm seeing good pitches to hit, haven't been missing it. >> to be able to do it here at historic wrigley field, of would have liked to do it at home, but hope everybody's partying right now.
7:47 am
>> the cubs gave murphy one of the bases from wrigley field, and we saw lots of mets fans in the stands long after the game ended last night cheering on the mets as the mets fans stayed and hung out with players and players' families. it was really something to see. this was also something to see, daniel murphy was doing some national interviews, some local interviews, i caught up with him as well, and he spent some time on the field with his wife and his baby, and they were really kind of just taking it all in, having fun. and it was really neat to see there. so the mets fans around the country and in new york city, of course, feeling great about going to the world series. two famous comedians are mets fans, jerry seinfeld and, of course, jim brewer. take a look at what they had to say. >> oh!
7:48 am
oh! you are the national league championship, new york mets! [laughter] >> so there you have it, the world series starts next tuesday on fox 5. mets will either play the kansas city royals or toronto blue jays. that is the story live outside back to you. >> okay. so, duke, while the mets were popping the champagne, ruben tejada was gifting his fellow teammates a huge bottle of johnnie walker blue with an engraving, greg. what did it say? >> nlcs champs 2015, keep walking. and, rosanna, it's unopened, and, well, there are no new york mets around -- [laughter] what do you always say? >> it's 5:00 -- it's too early -- >> it's 5:00 somewhere? >> it's too early. but i think that's cool.
7:49 am
>> yeah, it's a couple hundred dollars a bottle. >> he's the guy that had his leg broken. >> all right, meanwhile
7:50 am
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7:52 am
this is this genetic diagnostic company that allowed people to submit be samples of their saliva in the mail, and they would in return get a complete genetic code telling them if they're at risk for certain genetic diseases, alzheimer's cystic fibrosis. this was taken off the market in 2013 by the fda because there were concerns whether people could handle this, whether it would cause anxiety and whether the science backed it up. now they've relaunching, they worked with the fda, they're launching 35 tests. this is a company founded by sergey brin of google's ex-wife. it's coming back now on the market and will be available. it's a little bit more expensive. it costs about $200 to do these 35 tests as opposed to $99 when it was first launched, but it's something already a million people have used this company.
7:53 am
the question is when you get the results, what do you really do with that information? >> right. >> would you do this. >> i wouldn't. >> you would not. >> i would not. >> why not? >> because i think there's certain -- we don't know how accurate these genetic tests are in terms of what your risk is, and it sort of puts your fear in your mind. we should all be doing things to prevent halz heymer's, heart decide, die leitz -- harte decide, diabetes. >> and getting it in the meal is a weird aspect of this. >> that that's also strange. they do give you an option whether you allow this to be shared with insurance, governments, all those things, but even if you opt out -- >> i don't want them knowing anything. [laughter] >> they have enough information on us. >> exactly. do you think they listen to the phone calls? >> your bosses? our bosses? [laughter] >> we have been told they do have access to our e-mails. >> when you're at a company, you need to be careful. >> that's why we text. >> be care.
7:54 am
>> better not be looking at that stuff. what else? >> that's it for now. but i'll be back. >> thank you, dr. raj. oh, no, we're going to talk entertainment. >> lamar odom said to be making progress as he recovers from that bender outside of vegas. khloe kardashian and lamar were not technically divorced, and guess what, rosanna? they're calling off the plan to get divorceed. her lawyer went before a judge, and the request was granted. lamar was found unconscious last brothel. a report that he's actually talking and walking. looks like a miraculous recovery. >> all right. hope that continues. going on. the world series in new york and halloween. it's like halloween all week because halloween is on saturday. hit the videotape, please.
7:55 am
halloween parade will be the most interesting man in the world. i met him once. he was quite dull. >> stop it. >> jonathan goldsmith? he's from the bronx. why? >> he was very -- when you go around calling yourself that, you ought to be a good conversationalist. i thought he was dull. >> by the way, i don't know why they chose him, but apparently the parade begins at 7:00 on halloween atticaal and sixth -- at canal and sixth avenue. heads up --
7:56 am
>> stephanie, is this is "good day new york". greg: the mets are going to the world's cities, greg kelly. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. another gorgeous day outside:more day, warm weather, go out and enjoy it. mike says it is cooling down tomorrow. we will have a full forecast coming. in the meantime, let's scream and shout. >> haven't been to the world series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back. rosanna: the mets lead of their way to this week to sleep the chicago cubs winning that an lc s. now they go to the world sees,
7:57 am
tuesday, back in new york city on friday. greg: tyrone power is described as a career criminal and many in law enforcement can't understand why this guy was on the streets to begin with. the mother of the slain officer has a special message for the mayor. more on that in a moment. rosanna: hillary clinton faces off against house benghazi committee later today, she will be grilled about the deadly attacks in 2012. i am hearing of it could last 8 hours today, no campaign i think on this thursday. rosanna: the next few questions. greg: the united parcel service seem great legal people who, what is going on? rosanna: they are accused of entering falls delivery times, there's a huge settlement
7:58 am
includes new york city. if they promise you it is going to get there by 11:30 in the morning and adjourn nowhere near that they say they delivered it and then they can say there on time. they are not the only ones who do it. they need to start to look at a lot of those companies. i had little incident recently. greg: chicago, we are so as far as we laugh at you, four games and a row, a sweet. rosanna: there's celebrating like rock stars last night and murphy is on fire. i am not sure if it is like an. greg: how late i am to the mets games, we have a picture of him please, this guy should be
7:59 am
barry bonds has something like this happen. >> mets by next week. >> we have been quite open about we always leaned toward the yankees, we focus on the more. we are going to try to atone for years of all the yankees talk around here. rosanna: i have been to a few mets games. i have a few friends and i'm happy for them so this is great. greg: this is 1977 when the yankees won. these to terp the field. not only reggie, look at all the fans who takeover. rosanna: he is like i got to get out of fear, dodging, serpentineing.
8:00 am
with everyone else, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of finance takeover of a field. they were not arrested were that is allied used to be. they don't do it that way any longer, lot more security and cops, like a bull fight. we got to apologize, there is the late great billy martin. all right, mr. murphy. rosanna: a beautiful day to wear your orange and blue. >> got to get the series done. 15 years since they went. >> they are playing the game so quickly, it could be a fast world series. rosanna: i told my husband it was 70. anyway, let's show you what we have as far as the weather goes for the starters today, looks like we have a beautiful start
8:01 am
to the day, a mix of clouds and sun, looks like temperatures are starting in the 40s and 50s, 59 degrees isn't part, 52 in newark, 40s out there too, 47 in sussex with a public cloudy sky here right now. nice and miles, let's see what is happening with winds, not much, winds from the southwest at 5 to 8 miles per hour and we are going to see some showers trying to talk through. here's the front coming into the tristate, a few scattered light showers to the northwest but that is it. not much one come through here but i do see some near sullivan county, ulster county, nice stuff showing up on radar and satellite but not much of that will make its way to the ground. but eventually there could be a little wet weather we have to deal with especially this afternoon and this evening but ahead and we have a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day, 76 degrees is your high temperatures today, may be a quick shower later this evening but that is it, then it gets
8:02 am
days, 59 is your high today, breezy as well, 50 is your high saturday, 65 for use sunday but there's a shower chance there too. let's bring in ines and see what happens as we did the roads and rails. ines: traffic is slow, and accident by ren 100 be with the lane blocked, tappan zee bridge from rockland county with normal delays on the thruway, garden state parkway has been having a rough week, another accident northbound by exit 148 blocking lanes of traffic back and to read 78 on that. let's take a look at your commute on staten island. here's the expressway by victory boulevard traffic moving fine as you get closer to the verrazzano bridge expect delays. west bound side moving fine. trains, metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and pass trains running on or close to schedule. back to you.
8:03 am
greg: chicago, that was fun, n.y. won, grief counselors on hand at chicago area schools. we are going to kerry drew first. greg: in the meantime, hold on a second. >> everyone is screaming in our ear and we don't know. greg: no big deal, kerry drew is talking about fan reaction. she is in the city. are you ready? she is outside city field. >> reporter: we expect the team to be back here and city field at 1:30 this afternoon. what an amazing night for the mets and their fans. look at this cat courtesy of sports authority and you see on this side of world series logo because the mets are heading to the fall classic for the first time since 2000. >> we haven't been to the world
8:04 am
series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back. >> a huge celebration for the new york mets at wrigley field. the crowd was electric at foley's in midtown cheering on the amazing. an incredible moment for fans now hoping for the mets' first world series win since 1986. >> i can't wait to watch the mets win the first world series since 1986. this is our time! we are going to take this! >> shortly after the big win mets world series merchandize went on sale, special gear happen often unbelievable year. >> 13 years to get back there. let's go mets! kevin na 4 games away from being world series champions, and 1 of the world series will take place
8:05 am
depending on what happens with a lc is, first game at city field would take place next friday night, game 3, very exciting. i will send it back to you. >> duke castiglione is in chicago ready action to place. dave: 1 is going on? the mets on their way home? have they already left? duke: they have not left yet. i was a little surprise, they were going to be if this morning, but i think i got an e-mail that said there due to arrive at 1:30 back in queens. i am outside historically feels here and last night this place was rocking. there were talking about we can come back from a 3-zero deficit. that didn't happen. back to the future -- cubs would win it all. mets ruined in that story line.
8:06 am
belting a 3 run homer, and and that quieted this plate 3-0 mets in the first and then daniel murphy in the continued is legendary october, sets a new major league record, his sixth straight playoff game with a home run, his seventh home run of the post-season, mets win it-3, daniel murphy, you and national league championships series mvp and the mets are going to their first world series since 2000. >> we also got all the mets faithful pulling behind us. when you get that it is a lot of fun especially in new york city. >> it is greg, treatments of putting in a lot of artwork and seeing all the off. >> that group of guys, 24 guys in the coaching staff that absolutely love each other, we
8:07 am
love each other and that makes it so special. duke: there you have it. the champagne was flowing in the locker room after the game. was quite a celebration and once the mets players got done with the champagne and talking to the media doing their national commitments for major league baseball and some of the networks, it came back out on the field and they were with their family and friends and a lot of mets fans stayed here at wrigley field's and then got together already behind the dugout and cheered the mets on hand to was pretty cool to see, players were going to the fans, fans were hugging the players, it was quite a scene. that is the story from wrigley field. now is on the world series for the new york mets. they will face either the toronto blue jays, world series starts fox 5 tuesday night. we are excited. back to you. greg: we are going to let the decision, the a new posters on
8:08 am
it has been wild, 100 years old plus, they have never won the world's seas. what are they going to do? juliet: it didn't seem thief even fought for this series, just you got it, go back home. greg: maybe there's a jinx or a curse but it is not our problem, the mets are in the new york edition the world series. we know who is playing. rosanna: coverage begins at 7:00 on tuesday. greg: they will play in kansas city or toronto, first home game is when? rosanna: trial. let's talk about other news happening in our area. the man accused of killing and nypd officer in east harlem tuesday and has a 16-year-old sheet. what was he doing out on the streets? greg: hi ron howard arraigned
8:09 am
officer rand paul holder, mr. holder's family furious this man was out on the street. the slain officer comes from a law enforcement family, his father was a cop, grandfather was a cop, rand paul holder 33 years old, he was on the verge of buying a house, about to get married, a lot of things were happening in his life, family is speaking out and they have a special message to bill deblasio. we will have that in a moment. let's go to liz dahlem outside the station house in east harlem. >> reporter: good morning, some would say officer rand paul holder was getting his life started. he was about to buy that house in long island but he showed up the east harlem for work every day. is was the station house where he came, lots of people once they heard the news decided to come here with candles and flowers and most importantly prayers and this morning we are learning more about the alleged shooter who took this officer's
8:10 am
apparently he had not read sheet mile long, had numerous arrests and was still on the streets, he was arraigned on first-degree murder and robbery charges, the nypd made their presence known inside the court room. nypd officers fill the courtroom during tyrone power naps iran. the alleged cop killer collapse to his knees during the proceedings and did not enter a plea. the nypd says howard had been arrested 28 times since he was 13. officer rand paul holder's father was there for the court appearance along with family members to question why a career criminal was still on the streets. >> this has to stop. get the guns off the streets. that is it. >> reporter: tuesday night howard allegedly stole bike in east harlem to get away from wild shootout. howard fired one shot striking officer holder in the forehead. police officers lined the streets and saluted the ambulance carrying the officer's
8:11 am
jeremiah funeral home in long island. the american flag flew half staff atop the brooklyn bridge in his honor. >> my son was a person, very ambitious with a very bright future. went to college, wanted to be a cop, was looking forward to so many things in his life and now it is cut short. >> reporter: holder's mother said her son had dreams of becoming a detective and was about to close on a home with his girlfriend. she has a powerful message for bill deblasio. >> bill deblasio should reconsider the stop and frisk because i think it is going to be a deterrent to these funds go around kicking in isn't people's lives. >> reporter: the family is preparing to say good bye. the viewing is set for next tuesday october 27th from 9:00 to 6 up crack at the church of the nazarene in rockaway, queens and funeral services will be
8:12 am
next wednesday at 3:00 p.m.. officer holder's body is scheduled to be flown to his native deion out for burial. back inside to you. facebook. it is sad. and again, in just ten months, but a fourth nypd cop shot in the line of duty. rosanna: all he wanted to do was be a police officer and comes from a family of police officers, his father police officer his grandfather a police officer. greg: very sorry. got some other things to talk about. wiki leaks, remember them? their sell at it, john brennan is cia director also from our area, we support him, they are opposing all the e-mail that hacker was able to see. >> wiki leaks compromise will student is that he hacked into
8:13 am
bread and's account, the e-mails are from 2007, 2008 when mr. brennan was working in the private sector. the hacker also says he hacked into the personal e-mails of homeland secretary jeh johnson. greg: john brennan got his job, he was on a bus and saw the ad in the paper, the cia wants you. rosanna: they are investigating this. greg: remember the kid who went on a drunken fallujah rampage in the cafeteria at university of connecticut? watch this. >> jalapeno mac and cheese. rosanna: he is no longer going to uconn, the video, he said he was sorry after this went viral, but now uconn officials say he is no longer and rolls, they are not saying if he was expelled or
8:14 am
back in superior court the first week of november. greg: what is happening? >> meteorologist: some more weather again outside. finally some more fall like weather on the way tomorrow but as you can see what we have out there right now resembles more late summer early fall, 76 degrees your forecast high temperature for the day, 62 is normal high temperature for the day. hot other temperatures in the region, very warm stuff, pittsburgh 60, 64 in buffalo, the southwest wind coming through ahead of the cold front, also seeing showers pass through the area, some of it getting
8:15 am
closer to is in the tristate but it looks like a lot of the rainfall will break up before it gets here so the cold front doesn't have enough moisture to squeeze out, when it comes to rainfall we are not going to get much, that is what we see on future cast, it will be dry out there, sunny skies return tomorrow, it will be breezy and cool their at the same time. another chance showers in the picture and later sunday. said in a fine, they could be a little wet. high temperatures 76 today, 59 tomorrow, 58 saturday, there is your shower chance sunday and another chance showers on wednesday, the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store with live interactive radar which can go down to the street level, check out, it is free. let's see what is going on with dot not free of problems. >> major deegan south bound towards yankee stadium, long-term construction slowing
8:16 am
everyone down, cross bronx delays both ways as you approach the parkway, new jersey route 80, earlier accident eastbound by exit 34 cleared away, you are left with that demand 287 a stall approaching route 24. net 6 look at the long island expressway by terry road moving fine west bound, no problems eastbound driving into the city, george washington bridge, 45 minute delay on the upper level, 30 on a lower, lincoln, back to route 3 and the turnpike, 45 to 50, the holland tunnel 20 to 30. >> a lot of predictions in the movie back to the future. greg: this is the future in back to the future, right now, october of 2015, lea thompson with michael j. fox. look at this. >> i have never seen purple underwear before. >> why do you keep calling me calvin.
8:17 am
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rosanna: lots of people checking out stub of figuring out where they are going to search or if they can afford to go to the game, first world series in 15 years for the mets. everybody wants the ticket. the cheapest ticket on stub of a for game 3 next friday at city field is $650, for standing room. it is the same for game 4, a potential series clincher. $645 minimum to get inside the park for standing-room-only tickets, game 5, $667, again standing room only. of course you can watch it for free every night on fox 5. by end of way, get up close and personal, you can see replates. greg: there are huge vantages to
8:20 am
rosanna: at united city field you cannot have a delicious shake shack during the game. rosanna: the line is ludicrous. greg: adam shapiro is at the fox business network. >> reporter: as the ups delivery service agreed to pay $42 million to several states including new york because apparently there's saying we couldn't deliver the package when in fact they never even tried. this was discovered because government packages were not being delivered by sure there are people who have experience the card that says that the delivered but you live in a doorman building, how could you not agree? ups nighters edmondson organize the problem but they will pay 4 one of $2 million, what some delivery people were doing is prevented us from delivering when there were no weather conditions to prohibit it, they just didn't bother to deliver when you paid for guaranteed date and time delivery. rosanna: we will check you on the fox business channel coming
8:21 am
girl is going to be here. >> at the office. >> on our warranty and no phones, no. rosanna: marlow thomas will talk about her of products, issue is starring in called clever lies and of course we remember her from that great show that girl. >> daddy is proud of me.
8:22 am
for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
8:23 am
rosanna: what is that cassel doing in the middle of manhattan? they call it jefferson market courthouse on sixth avenue. interesting buildings you walk by and don't give much thought
8:24 am
rosanna: really incredible looking. rosanna: sting of and the castle in england. rosanna: we treat you like king of the castle, you and ralph brandon. greg: remember when we did that anyone is that the glad you said how right in the kisser. the mets fabulous news, four games in a row, just beautiful stuff, the world series in new york city for the first time in a while so this is great stuff. we are going to be there next week hopefully working on it. rosanna: trying our best. greg: we want to show u.s. tons wheat pools yesterday here in the studio, trying to figure out the strongest man in town or at least in this building, that is me on the bottom, mike woods in the middle of a sandwich.
8:25 am
use of the tube sensation. and don't even start, then there was another time, not just the three review but mike woods in this particular instance, where you would have kathy on your back and the clapping, a was so shocked. greg: she has producedtube channel, 85 million people fallen watch. >> reporter: let's talk about arthur ashe, the legacy of humanitarian arthur ashe was honored last night at sports ball 2015, the arthur ashe institute for urban health 21st annual black-tie and speakers gala. and there was mike and jim morehouse, u.s. fencing silver medalist. greg: i have seen him in american express commercials. arthur ashe. there's a jenkins.
8:26 am
player, who i believe died of aids. rosanna: genie ash had to be there, his widow, know her very well and she has kept his legacy alive, so many programs, health initiatives, education programs, research initiatives in arthur's name. >> meteorologist: great event over is there. i was right in the neighborhood. rosanna: why didn't you call me at? greg: >> meteorologist: that is where i did my dinner. on fox 5. we did -- greg: you knew you had the job. rosanna: who interviewed you? >> meteorologist: susan sullivan. rosanna: i remember the first time you came here. i knew you were going to be a big star. >> meteorologist: i am still here 15 years later.
8:27 am
interview over drinks. i'll is weight in h r for 45 minutes. what is your name? oh yes, you. >> meteorologist: all right. that was a great night and also susan lucci's daughter was there. rosanna: she has a big article in people magazine coming got talking about her family life. she has had some ofs and downs. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on with the weather, we had a beautiful night last night, thursday looks much the same. with the overall high temperature trend. if you remember last saturday, our high temperature was 56 degrees, we dropped all the way to 50 for of high sunday, then look at it ramp up, 53 monday, 70 tuesday, wednesday and thursday pumped out, wednesday and today should be 76 degrees, well above normal temperatures
8:28 am
but then it is going to go back down again sell all warm weather is about to take a break for us. get out and enjoy, 52 and newark, 56 in bridgeport, we do have some clouds in the area, showers turn to purse to the extreme northwestern sections reviewed get it is in in the real quick but there will be an opportunity for more showers as we get further into the day, shower chances are still here especially to the northwest. a cold front trying to nose into the tristate region, the cold front will come through with the amount of moisture with a cold front on the minimal side, that is where we don't expect much when it comes to rainfall, temperatures 76 for a high one more time today and that is it for a little while. breezy, 58 saturday. 65 sunday, another shower chance on wednesday. we need more.
8:29 am
let's bring in ines and see what happened to our commute which is better than yesterday. ines: in queens, the nassau county to the parkway towards queens boulevard also slow east bound. new jersey, your commute, 280, traffic slow when you cross the parkway toward the bridge. let's go to the cam ranh and see how things are going. normal slows down eastbound side you are fine, as far as the george washington bridge goes, a 45 minute delay, 30 minutes on the lower level, 495 towards the lincoln tunnel, 45 to 50 inbound, dealing with 20 to 30, as far as trains running on or close to schedule. greg: joe biden is not running for president. rosanna: hillary clinton is.
8:30 am
interestingly she was always saying stuff he shouldn't say. big deal quote. rosanna: he would not have been the donald trump of the democratic party. amusing. greg: he is just folks, just rosanna: i am sure hillary clinton is breeding a sigh of relief when she will be the hill. he may not be eddie joe biden is out of the way but she has a lot in front of her today on capitol hill with huma by her side, star witness in the republican investigation into the deadly 2012 attacks in benghazi, libya. greg: stacey has more on this. >> reporter: this has been a long awaited hearing, much-anticipated, it gets underway at 10:00 in the morning and the secretary of state has been under the spotlight, no campaign events the she can prepare for her testimony, she will face tough questions from republicans about the attacks which killed u.s. ambassador
8:31 am
chris stevens and three americans back in 2012, she is expected to face questions about e-mails on her private server that dealt specifically with what happened in the ben gauzy
8:32 am
republicans also be on th support a positive step forward i recommend seeing a live, bronx tale, it is the level. rosanna: and now he is a great restaurant to. greg: possibly my favorite scene in cinematic history. watch this. >> nice going. i will never forget the look on your faces. all eight of them. your face is dropped. greg: my favorite line. now all you can leave.
8:33 am
and then my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the
8:34 am
hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
8:35 am
rosanna: the delorean is outside. back to the future, and now. greg: the cool thing about this car, the board's. they open vertically. check this out. don't be afraid. rosanna: they may not be equipped to open the doors right now.
8:36 am
greg: does it have a handle? open the door so we can show it. don't make me come down there myself. rosanna: you won't run down there. greg: is the coolest thing about the car. rosanna: you will see an open plenty of times at 9:00. greg: when you got to do something you got to do-it-yourself. rosanna: i am going to talk about hot smoking. maybe pot smoking this morning. >> i don't think so. go open the door. we are talking about an increase in the use of marijuana in this country in the last decade, a new study showing that almost 10%, 9.5% of adults say they smoked marijuana in the past year and this compared to 4 present a decade ago. that is a big increase, some groups seeing a more dramatic increase in women as well as
8:37 am
live in southern states and those with lower income. the study is looking at a rate of marijuana disorders, 30% of those who use marijuana have some type of behavior bordering on dependence or other use and that is a high number, 10% of our population overall using it, very% of those they have a disorder now, marijuana is illegal in four states for medical use. we will see more of this and some people are concerned there are risks of addiction, abuse, young people. rosanna: they said was a gateway drug. >> they are looking at that but even on it the marijuana for those under 25 when the brain is developing and have significant consequences. we will be seeing more of this but something to look out for. rosanna: conflicting information. when you are decriminalizing it signals to some people looking for an excuse.
8:38 am
>> the whole legal issue is about our right to do with our bodies what we can bleed cigarettes are legal but very dangerous for you. doesn't mean it is good for you. rosanna: thank you sell much. because we will. we will talk a little empire coming. greg is downstairs legion the meantime one of my favorite authors is here, adriana is here to talk about her new book, all the stars in the evans, she has a new movie coming out.
8:39 am
rosanna: as greg tries to break into the delorean i will talk about empire. if you haven't watched this week's empire we would just give away a few little things that
8:40 am
happened. lot of drama, twists and turns, it would not be empire without the twists and turns, neo made a cameo, he coached jamal how to survive when it comes to touring and romance but jamal ignored his advice. could he has a new love interest, he is a sexy concert promoter and it would not be empire when some would-be robbers broke into the lion dynasty compounds. >> who sent you? >> surveillance bugs. >> the ultimate shocker gets
8:41 am
kidnapped, and find out next week when and higher returns. this new muppet movie, there's a new muppet movie on sesame street, juliet is a preschooler with autism. julia will join elmo and the gang, the show is trying to reduce the stigma of autism so launch a new campaign yesterday called sesame street and autism, the amazing in all children. there's a new video. >> i think this is amazing, sesame street and autism, resources to help people who encounter children with autism. fantastic, great idea. the stars of back to the of future hid the red carpet again. the cast time travel to lincoln
8:42 am
square to celebrate october 21st, 2015, the day they traveled to in back to the future 2. michael j. fox, christopher lloyd and lea thompson attended the special event. michael j. fox says he is amazed how the fans love those films. >> really amazing. the fact they know the movies so well, they know it better than i do and ask me questions that i don't know the answers, they know everything about the film forward and backwards. >> the future as the car that transported mcfly and his buddies made a difference, the three back to the future films were released in the 1980s and generated hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. we will have the delorean outside the office, greg is
8:43 am
he is in, he is in. that is cool! i think -- -- greg: his mike is out. i like greg when he can be seen but not heard. those self or leasing of shoes from the movie are becoming a reality. they have buttons on the side of the ankle that loosen the always is, michael j. fox was the first to get a pair from 90 and thankfully so, the gray and white shoes will be like the hair marty mcfly where is in the sequel, it is a limited edition release and will only be available by auction sometime next spring. all proceeds will go to the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research. coming up as you saw, greg kelly, we can see him, we don't want to hear him, that is the way it is going to be, he is in
8:44 am
and hopefully will take >> time now for our facebook fan for this hour, and it's diane guzman.
8:45 am
for the mta and for us, and thanks for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. we've got a lot going on in this 9:00 hour. actress marlo thomas is here, her play is getting great reviews. leah thompson, she's back from the future right here on good day new york. we're celebrating the anniversary with her. and we've got so much coming up.
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>> check this o new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to
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i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." i say "don' t eat me now." team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait.
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